The Company


It all started with the grandparents' farm where it was planted and harvested in an artisanal, organic way, respecting the "Pachamama" because the family already knew since then that nature is the best medicine.

About 90 years later, the heart of our family business beats again for the same cause. Meanwhile, in the third generation, we produce organic superfoods respecting the old tradition and family legacy.

What once began with grandparents in their home region now in our fields and food processing plant we harvest, process and export organic fruit to the world.

Committed, with pleasure and consciously we assume the responsibility of man and nature. Sustainable agriculture, organic farming and social structures for a healthy world are central themes and objectives that determine our daily activities.


Commercialize Superfoods, using Andean and Amazonian raw materials, involving farmers, processing plants and logistics companies in our production chain. Always taking care of social responsibility, the environment and fair trade with our suppliers.


To be recognized as a leading company in the agricultural market of Superfoods. Highlighting our quality, punctuality and commitment to the business environment.