Fresh ginger

zingiber Officinale
Family:   Zingiberaceae
Common name:   Kion / Ginger / Ale / Adrak

Origin of organic ginger

Born to Southeast Asia, organic ginger is commonly mentioned in writings, especially in China and India as part of the medicinal and culinary culture. Organic ginger, for its medicinal properties, is used in traditional medicine as an anti-inflammatory and respiratory aid as well as to alleviate gastrointestinal problems. Medical studies show that ginger is an effective superfood for preventing symptoms of sensory-motor problems. The effects associated with horn pregnancy, such as vomiting and nausea can also be relieved by the use of organic ginger. Organic ginger was introduced in Mexico, South America and the East Indies in the sixteenth century by the Spanish


Ginger is used as a curative root tea, drink, snack, or as a condiment in the kitchen. It produces a spicy fragrance to use as a condiment for cooking. The organic ginger goes well with soups, fish, bakery, confectionery and sweets. It should be noted that this root can also be found as an ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry.

Packaging and presentation

Europe: Box x 13.6 Kg. / Box x 16 KG.
EEUU: Box x 30 Libras / Box x 36 Libras

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Ginger is a root that has multiple properties that benefit our health in many ways among its main benefits improves blood circulation, promotes the absorption of nutrients, prevents colds and flu, aids digestion among others.

Organolectic characteristics:

Appearance: Plant articulated with rhizomes
Colour: The rhizomes have an ashy colour on the inside, but on the outside they are white or yellow
Odor: Strong odor characteristic for the species
Taste: Strong characteristic flavor
Humidity: Max 20%


Nutritional value

Nutritional composition for 100grs.

Composition Quantity(gr)
Kcalories 335
Carbohydrates 71.6
Proteins 9
Fiber 14.1
Fat 4.2
Composition Quantity(gr)
Sodium 27
Calcium 114
Iron 19.8
Magnesium 0
Match 168
Potassium 1320